Shipping & What to Expect

Shipping is mainly done thru USPS (United States Post Office) – Priority Mail, which is typically a 2 to 3 business day turn around in the United States. We can ship using other methods (UPS, FedEx, etc.) if specified. We ship all plants bare root. We are not responsible for shipments arriving late, as we have no control over USPS or any other shipping company. Should you have an issue with your order arriving late, you should take the plants and your invoice to your local post office to file a claim. Make sure you take pictures of the package and the contents first! All orders are shipped with insurance no matter which carrier we use. Let us know about your order and we will help any way we can. You will receive an additional invoice for shipping if you order more than 5 plants.

Shipping Charges:

1 to 5 Plants : $16.00

6 to 10 Plants: $23.00

11 to 15 Plants: $32.00

16 to 20 Plants: $45.00 (this will vary according to order/size of plants ordered)

For a quantity of 21 or more plants it will be best to contact via phone or email . Large orders will have to be handled individually.

We also offer plants in containers. These orders will also need to be called or emailed in so that appropriate charges can be added.


Plants you receive by mail will need time to adjust from being out of water and being shipped. Your water lily will arrive bare root, which means only root with little to no foliage. This also depends on the time of the season that you place your order. Summer is hot for us here in Texas, so recovery time is a little longer. Receiving plants earlier in the season will mean that your lily will be small due to just coming out of dormancy, mid to late season they will be medium to large size roots with more foliage. When you receive your plants, they may not look “good” but given time and proper care they will grow. The best thing to do is place them in water as soon as you receive them, even if you can’t plant them right away. They are okay to float in water for at least 2-3 days. Any longer, and the root will rot. In some cases, once water lilies are planted, the leaves may “fall off”, this is okay. The leaves grow back bigger and healthier. As long as the root is nice and firm and planted properly, there should be no issue with your plant. We start shipping orders for lotus only in March once they are harvested, and everything else will be shipped in the Spring time in the order they are received unless you have requested they be shipped at a certain time. We do have to wait until the lilies are a certain size before we can start shipping. Weather plays a big factor in this. While we like to start shipping at the beginning of April, sometimes we have to hold off until mid to late April.