Red Flare


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Nymphaea “Red Flare” Night blooming non-viviparous. Bred by Randig 1938. Will over winter in zones 9 to 11. Plants size is large. Flower is a cup star shape dark pink almost red, 5” to 10” across. Leaves are brownish-green 6“ to 14“ across. Has about a 4’ to 11’ spread. Best to grow in 6” to 18” of water. Flowers are slightly fragrant and stand well above the waters surface. You can grow this one in a two or three gallon container. Good for earthen ponds as well. This plant could or will get really large if you let it. Will start blooming about 3 hours after sundown and will stay open until about 3 hours after sunup. Will stay blooming until noon on cloudy days. Will tolerate shade especially in hotter climates. Best to grow in full sun.


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