Debbie June


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Hardy from zone 4-11. Plant Size: Large. Origin is Texas Water Lilies. Flower is pure white, 4” – 10” across and stands well above the waters surface about 5 to 10 inches. Has a 4’ to 8’ spread, marliac  root system. Leaves are green and can have reddish spotted freckles or be solid green. Will grow in 1’ to 3’ of water. Best to grow in 1.5’ to 2’ of water. You can use a 2 to 5 gallon container. Will grow and spread in an earthen bottom pond. This can grow to be a large plant, the blooms stand out of the water where as most sit on the waters surface. It has a long blooming and growing season. This one is special to us as it is named after my late mother in-law who passed in 2001.

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