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Echinodorus Cordifolius – Creeping Burhead – is also known as Texas Mud Baby or Aquatic Baby’s Breath. This plant is good for ponds, lakes, and bog areas. Will spread on its own. This plant grows above the water surface. The leaves are a green to dark green and can grow up to 16” in length. There is a stem that grows from the center that grow 2-4 FT tall, up to 3 FT wide. This stem produces small white flowers with about 3 small green petals. This stem will have 3-9 whorls of blossoms that will have 3 15 blooms. Performs best in deep, rich, moist to wet soils in sun to partial shade. Hardiness zones 7-11. Will bloom from Spring to Fall. Low maintenance. Likes clay, loam, or sand.  The flowers on this plant remind me of baby’s breath.


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