Customer Review and Photos

Photos of client’s who use Texas Water Lilies for their ponds and photo shoots! Feel free to send us your photos to and we will feature them here and on our Facebook page, and Instagram.

This photo is from Susan Balderston 2020
Photo from Bradley Barrington – Beautiful Colorado! 2020
Jared McCray 2020
Emily Ngo 2020
Larry Kocian’s Nymphaea Odorata 2020
– Wade, Crocket, TX : Armadillo ate his flower! Whoops!

Photos of Hollandia, Texas Dawn, and Peace Lily that Stephanie Stewart

Photos by Clayton Bownds – Pink Pretty Princess Payton

We were asked to provide water lilies for a photo shoot for the Summer 2022 Mary Kay Catalog! If you use Mary Kay and received this catalog, you well see the final image on pages 10-11 for their launch of the Waterlily Luxury Collection!

Two Keys Photo used some of our water lilies and lotus for their photo shoot! She named the photo “Lirio da Iluminacao” Portuguese for “Lily of Enlightenment” (The first image with the girl holding the plants, are ours) You can see more of their work at or on Instagram

Jenny of Lexington, TX wanted lilies for her pond but did not want it dirtied with soil. She used rocks and net pots to plant her lilies and various marginals in her pond. The koi fish did not disturb the plants and they are thriving!! The pictures show from when she started in July of 2022 to now, October 2022.