About Us & What We Offer

Texas Water Lilies was originally started in Waller Texas in 1991 by the Culp’s. In 2019, TWL moved to Lexington, TX and is now owned by the Graves’. We are a private grower of aquatic plants offering solutions for in-ground and above-ground pond needs. We can help with growing, maintaining, and harvesting your plants. We are our own grower, meaning when you order your plants they will be picked fresh straight from the farm.

Water plants can be used for a wide range of applications starting with but not limited to water garden ponds, small & large container gardens, large fountains, streams, ponds, lakes, wetlands, bog areas, detention ponds, and moist soil areas. These plants have many names such as water lilies, pond plants, aquatic plants, and water garden plants.

TWL carries Marginal Aquatic Plants. There are a large number of different types. Some names that fit into this category are: bog plants, marginal plants, floaters, submerged plants, oxygenated plants, detention pond plants, aquatic plants, aquarium plants, and moist soil plants. Marginals can be shipped year around as long as you have a place to keep them protected from the weather. Marginals are shipped bare root. Most of the marginals you will find on the website will have growing instructions under each one.

We carry a variety of Hardy Water Lilies. Hardy water lilies can be grown from Alaska down to Central America. Since they are hardy, they can withstand the cold. These water lilies will go dormant in the fall to late winter or early spring. They can be shipped anytime of the year, either in dormant form or growing blooming form. The Hardy Lilies we have on the website have growing instructions listed under each one.

Tropical Water Lilies are another type of lily that we offer. Tropical water lilies can be grown anywhere as long as they have full sun and the water temperature is about 65 degrees. They will only over-winter in zones 8-11, so if you have a cooler place you will have to bring them in for the winter. Tropicals grow faster, bloom more, and stay up longer than hardy water lilies. They can be shipped year around in dormant tuber form or growing bloomer form. Growing instructions are listed for each tropical lily on our website.

Lastly, we offer different varieties of lotus. Lotus tubers or lotus plants are shipped bare root while they are in the dormant state. Once lotus start to break dormancy and start running then it’s too late to ship. The best time to receive the lotus tubers is from February to Mid-April. Growing instructions are listed for the lotus we have on our website under each item.