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2021 Season

Well as we are preparing for the 2022 season I wanted to reflect on 2021. It has been quite the year with ups and downs. We are in central Texas and the weather was not very nice to us earlier this year! Snow twice in the same year is just unheard of! Freezing temps for over week, another we have never had to deal with. These unforeseen circumstances definitely effected our plants this year. We have lots of late bloomers, we typically start to see blooms in April, and this year it was more end of May to June before we saw any. Definitely a learning experience that we will be prepared for this coming season should it happen again. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we worked thru those issues this year.

We look forward to the upcoming season and have added a couple new items. We are always open to new product ideas and feedback whether it be good or bad, that is how we improve! Thank you for your continued support to our business!

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