Texas Water Lilies is a large privately owned grower of Aquatic Plants. We offer growing solutions including in-ground and above-ground aquatic pots and aquatic fertilizer tabs. We at TWL have been growing water lilies since 1991. Texas Water Lilies professionals have the expertise on how to propagate, grow, maintain, harvest, and ship our plants and products. We go to great lengths to support our customers once shipments are received. Texas Water Lilies guarantees everything it sells. We are our own grower meaning when you order your plants they will be picked fresh straight from the farm. Texas Water Lilies has 8 acres of production at two locations. TWL carries large numbers of each variety so no matter how big or small your needs, we should be able to provide.

Water plants can be used for a wide range of applications starting with but not limited to water garden ponds, small & large container gardens, large fountains, streams, ponds, lakes, wetlands, bog areas, detention ponds and moist soil areas. These plants have many names such as water lilies, pond plants, aquatic plants & water garden plants.

Texas Water Lilies carries over 60 varieties of Marginal. Marginal aquatic plants classify a large number of different types of water plants. Some names that fit into this category are: bog plants, marginal plants, floaters, submerged plants, oxygenating plants, detention pond plants, aquatic plants, aquarium plants and most soil plants. Marginals can be shipped year round, as long as you have a place to keep them protected from the weather. Some marginals are hardy and some are tropical.

Texas Water Lilies carries 36 varieties of Hardy water lilies. Hardy water lilies can be grown from Alaska, down to Central America. They are hardy so they can take the cold. Hardy water plants come in many colors white, yellow, red, pink, peach and bi-colors of each listed. Hardy water lilies go dormant in the fall to late winter or early spring, but they can be shipped anytime of the year, either in dormant form or growing blooming form.

Texas Water Lilies carries 35 varieties of Tropical water lilies. Tropical water lilies can be grown anywhere as long as they have full sun and the water temperature is about 65 degrees. They will only over-winter in zones 8-11 so if you live in the cooler places you will have to bring them in for the winter. Tropicals will grow faster, bloom more and stay up longer than hardy water lilies. Matter of fact, they will stay up blooming until the first freeze. There are also day and night blooming tropical water lilies. Tropical water plants come in many colors including white, yellow, red, pink, peach, purple, blue and bi-colors of each listed. They can be shipped year round in dormant tuber form or in growing blooming form.

Texas Water Lilies carries 24 varieties of Lotus. Lotus tubers or lotus plants are shipped bare root while they are in the dormant state. Once lotus start to break dormancy and start running then it's too late to ship. The best time to receive the lotus tubers is from January to the end of March. They have to be grown in a sturdy large no-hole container. All lotuses are hardy and come in many colors white, yellow, red, pink and bi-colors of each listed.

Shipping is mainly done through USPS (United States Postal Service) Priority Mail, which is normally a 2 to 3 service in the continental U.S. Texas Water Lilies will ship using other methods (UPS, FedEx, Common Carrier, etc.) if specified. We ship all plants bare root. Shipping charges for continental U.S. for bare root water plants are as followed:

$10.00 1-5 plants
$15.00 6-10
$20.00 11-15 plants.

Larger orders will have to be handled individually. We do offer plants in containers but you will have to call in the order & shipping charges will be added. Payment s can be made with Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Check or Money Orders. Payments have to be made in full before water plants are shipped.

Now selling cut flowers! Tropical and Hardies are $2.50 and the Lotus are
$3.50 each. Call in your order for cut flowers!

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